Fees and area of service

Initial consultation for health/therapeutic reasons (up to 90 mins) includes:

  • Review of your dog’s lifetime veterinary records
  • Physical assessment including gait analysis and nose-to-tail hands-on exam of muscles and limbs (e.g. range of motion)
  • Massage session using acupressure, trigger points and laser, as appropriate
  • “Game Plan” including home care suggestions
  • A handmade, fresh treat for your dog from our own range of treats
  • First stamp on your loyalty card (a free bag of treats after every 5th appointment)

Follow up massage consultations (up to 60 mins) include:

  • Discussion of your dog’s condition since last treatment
  • Massage session, as above
  • A handmade, fresh treat for your dog
  • Another stamp on your loyalty card (free bag of treats after every 5th appointment)

Food therapy consultations include:

  • Review of all veterinary records supplied by the owner
  • Skype interview (up to 45 mins)
  • Written report (via email)
  • Follow-up Q&A session (via email or Skype) (15 mins)

Food therapy consults can also be undertaken in person for local customers.

This practice is a mobile service in metropolitan Christchurch – your dog is treated in-home.  Normal service area encompasses Belfast to the north, Hoon Hay/Cashmere to the south, Hornby to the west and Parklands/Bromley to the east.  This allows your dog to be treated in the comfort of its own home.

For locations on the fringes of my service area, or clearly outside the service area, I will always check mileage and quote beforehand.

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If there are additional dogs at the premises who are booked for sessions at the same visit, there is a discount of $15 for the second, third, etc. dog.  Payment is by EFTPOS and is expected at the time of consultation.

Price list:

Relaxation Massage


Initial Consult


Follow-up Consult


Food Therapy Consult


In some cases, pet insurance may cover all/part of your dog’s massage session.  I do not charge my clients extra for filling out my portion of insurance claims; however payment is expected at time of consultation.  It is the owner’s responsibility to deal with their insurance company.

No cancellations or changes allowed within 24 hours of the appointment

I understand that sometimes things happen and you’re not able to make your appointment. If that happens, I’d really appreciate if you could email, text or call to let me know 24 hours before. That way I can offer your time slot to someone else. I respect your time, and ask that you respect mine so you may be charged up to the full value of your appointment if you don’t advise me beforehand. Thanks.

Any unpaid accounts will be referred to debt collection.