Massage, acupressure and trigger points

The foundation of my practice is in massage, which involves hands-on assessment of muscles, ligaments and tendons and I use a full body massage technique that is designed to work acupressure points along the meridians of the dog’s body.  I choose acupressure points based on your dog’s condition.  Trigger points, which occur at neuromuscular junctions throughout the body, are also released after I check range of motion in key joints.

I use a low-level laser system (a ‘cold’ laser) on many of my massage clients to further stimulate acupressure points and to encourage blood flow to tight muscles and to help release endorphins.

As part of an initial massage consultation, I will observe your dog’s movement (gait analysis).

Dogs are massaged on a full-size massage table unless they are extra-large, too sore or too anxious to be handled on the table.  In these cases, I will work with your dog on a comfy blanket on the floor.

Once I’ve seen your dog, I will make suggestions on exercise and other options that will help you contribute to your dog’s recovery and overall wellness at home.  My goal is to get your dog to a regime that is ideal for your dog – every dog is different in how often they need massage.

Kess massage photo