Food therapy & nutrition

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Food therapy consultations are done via Skype with clients throughout New Zealand and internationally.  If you do not have Skype access, then I will provide you with a telephone number to call for your consultation.

Food therapy

Food therapy is an approach based in Traditional Chinese Medicine that considers food as the source of healing and wellness.  To ‘match’ food ingredients to a dog, I consider all aspects of your dog’s life.  This includes behaviours, lifestyle issues, diagnosed illnesses – both past and present, and even the season and the climate.

The food therapy approach works whether you want to feed a commercial, homemade, or raw diet because it focuses on ingredients.

To prepare for a food therapy consultation, I will want to see your dog’s veterinary records and information on any diagnoses.  We will discuss your preferences for a homemade, raw or commercial diet, too.

NutriScan testing

Sensitivities to food are fairly common and are often mistaken as ‘allergies’ by dog owners.  In some cases, I will recommend NutriScan testing as an additional investment to your dog’s food therapy consultation.  For local customers who see me personally, I pass through all of the US dollar fees for the testing at-cost.  I charge a $50 administration fee which includes postage of the kit to the United States and discussion of the results.

If you are retaining me for NutriScan only, a consultation fee will also be charged.

For overseas customers, I will recommend that you commission your test directly with NutriScan and have them copy me on the results.

Commercial food diets – are you feeding the right amount?

Using the label information from your dog’s current food and other information from you about your dog’s lifestyle, I will calculate your dog’s nutritional requirements and advise you on how much you should be feeding to meet your dog’s daily calorie needs.

This service is great for dogs who need to lose weight.

Some people choose this service when they want my advice on commercial dog foods and supplements to try that can help with health conditions and food intolerances. I have a wealth of experience to share and I’m not affiliated with any dog food company; my advice is independent.