The Balanced Dog in the media

NZ Dog World

Since 2010, Kathleen has written a monthly column, The Canine Corner, for NZ Dog World magazine, the magazine of Dogs New Zealand (NZ Kennel Club)


Pet Life Magazine

Kathleen was profiled in the inaugural (Summer 2016/17) issue of Pet Life Magazine in the feature ‘Getting the Whole Picture in Animal Health.’  Download a copy of the magazine by clicking here.

Pet Life NZ Magazine
Pet Life also covered the Greyt Fashions fundraiser in the Spring 2018 edition of the magazine:

Avenues Magazine

Kathleen’s practice was featured in the special pet issue of Avenues Magazine (July 2016).  Our Cooking for Dogs workshops were also mentioned as a special activity for dog owners.

The special Pet Issue of Avenues magazine July 2016

Avenues Magazine also covered our greyhound fashion show fundraiser, Greyt Fashions:

Radio New Zealand

Kathleen’s practice featured as a documentary on Radio New Zealand’s Spectrum programme on 18 July 2010. To listen to the programme, click on the Radio NZ logo.

Seven Sharp (TVNZ)

On 23 May 2013, Kathleen was featured on Seven Sharp in an item about heart disease in dogs. In this segment, she comments on the range of treatments available and the decisions dog owners face when their dog is ill. To watch the episode, click on the Seven Sharp logo.

Stuff & The Press

Greyt Fashions, our greyhound adoption fundraiser for Greyhounds as Pets, was covered in Fast fashion for fast hounds, 7 June 2018

The Christchurch Pet Loss Support Group is covered in Pet owners needn’t grieve alone; the Group is sponsored by Kathleen and Gaelynn of Loving Tributes pet cremations.

On 28 December 2013, Stuff published Kathleen’s opinion piece on Making Christchurch dog-friendly.

In Let’s play a game of ‘pass the bone’ (14 November 2013), Kathleen was interviewed about dog birthday parties and  dog birthday cakes.

Canine care that goes muscle deep, which appeared in The Press on 2 October 2013, profiles Kathleen’s practice and includes an endorsement of physical rehabilitation practices by veterinarian Dr Euan Purdie

On 16 January 2013, Kathleen was quoted extensively in The Press and on Stuff about the need for dog-friendly facilities and accessibility in the Christchurch rebuild. Read dog lovers sit up and beg for a friendlier Christchurch

During World Animal Week 2009, Kathleen officially launched her canine therapeutic massage practice. Stuff and The Press covered the story. Read massage eases pain in old dogs

Two Cats One Dog

Kathleen’s practice was profiled in a pet physiotherapy feature in the Spring 2011 edition of Two Cats One Dog magazine.


On 24 October 2013, Kathleen was interviewed about her work as a canine masseuse by Alexander Robertson of CTV

Christchurch Press and Marlborough Express

On 21 April 2008, we celebrated Daisy’s 8th birthday and launched Canine Catering officially. The Christchurch Press and Marlborough Express covered the story. Read baking for the barkers

The Star

On 25 January 2013, Kathleen was able to explain more about dog-friendly design and what it means for Christchurch dog owners. See her commentary on page 7

Animals’ Voice









Kathleen was a featured writer in the Autumn 2013 edition of Animals’ Voice magazine. In Nose Prints on My Window, Kathleen tells of her volunteer work at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

Recommended products

Float Doggy

Float Doggy flotation vests are sold by D-Fa. They are great for hydrotherapy and general swimming and a must if you take your dog with you on recreational boating trips.





Recommended services

Acupuncture for Dogs

Susanne Anderson, acupunctureMy acupressure treatments can be seamlessly integrated with veterinary acupuncture.  There are a number of veterinarians who practice veterinary acupuncture on a part-time basis in the Greater Christchurch area (pictured is Dr Susanne Anderson who is a member of the Complementary Veterinary Medicine Branch of the NZVA).

Animal Communication and Energy Healer

Due to word of mouth referrals since 2006, Faye has communicated with animals worldwide including New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Nordic countries, South Africa and Asia.  Animal communication is telepathic communication with animals to assist owners and their pets to reach a deeper understanding. Contact Faye through her website.  

Dog Boarding

Dog Swim Spa and Nature’s Way Pet Care

For general swim exercise, most of our clients use the Dog Swim Spa in Templeton. Operated by Chris and June Blackwood (by appointment), this swim-style pool was designed with dogs in mind. Tell them Kathleen sent you.

For general swim exercise and hydrotherapy, Daisy uses the Dog Swim Spa in Templeton. Operated by Chris and June Blackwood, this pool was designed with dogs in mind. Tell them Kathleen and Daisy sent you.

For dogs living in North Canterbury, Valerie Nixon of Nature’s Way Pet Care offers the same swim-style pool (designed by Chris Blackwood of the Dog Swim Spa).

Human Massage Therapists

I am pleased to have established The Massage Network referral service in 2016.  These are clinics that I have hand-picked because of their expertise and professionalism.  I can refer my clients to these clinics for massage with the confidence in knowing they will be in safe and qualified hands.  These clinics also refer their client’s dogs to me for massage.  And regardless of which way the referral works, you’ll always walk away with a free gift to thank you for using our services.

Body Central, 304 Fitzgerald Avenue, Richmond.  This appointment-only clinic offers osteopaths as well as massage therapists and was appointed the official massage therapists for Cirque du Soleil when the show visited Christchurch.

Bodyworks Massage Therapy, 24 Nairn Street, Spreydon.  This appointment-only clinic offers massage 7 days per week with at least 2 therapists on the roster every day.  And on some days, you’ll get to meet Lucy, the clinic’s own greyhound.

Pets Can Come Too

Take your dog with you when you go on holiday. For pet-friendly accommodation in New Zealand, visit Pets Can Come Too.

Pet cremation by Loving Tributes

Loving Tributes Pet Cremations is the only service in the South Island that individually cremates each pet.  When the sad time comes to say goodbye to your dog, this personalised service helps to support you.  Daisy was cremated at Loving Tributes in July 2014.

Gaelynn Beswick, owner and manager, is a qualified counsellor and understands the special bond we have with a pet.  Loving Tributes is situated on a peaceful 2-acre block near Lincoln.  Please ring for an appointment on (03) 339 2540, or ask at your vet to arrange for cremation at Loving Tributes.

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