Dog birthday cake (candles not included)

Dog birthday cake (candles not included)

Regular Recipe

A special combination using lambs fry, high grade flour, trim milk, egg and parsley.

Salmon Recipe

Salmon and lowfat cottage cheese in a rice flour base.

Apple and Banana Recipe

A meat-free recipe to cater to your dog’s sweet tooth.   Fresh apples and bananas are baked into this cake which uses high grade flour, eggs, applesauce and a hint of cinnamon.

All cakes are frosted with a lowfat cream cheese frosting and then decorated with doggy chocolate drops and our own Chicken & Parsley Doggy Bites treats. (Birthday candles/other decorations, as in photo, are not included.)  We do not write on our cakes as our focus is on keeping the ingredients simple and free of artificial colours.

Please Note: We need approximately 4 working days to prepare cakes to ensure the highest quality result.   As the cakes need refrigeration, we can only ship cakes to some locations in New Zealand and so cakes are not able to be ordered using our shopping cart.   We also do not ship cakes during the hot summer months.

If you are in Christchurch, cakes can be picked up from our home in Papanui to save on any delivery charges; check with us on pick up times available. Place your order for these cakes by email – telling us size of cake, recipe and date required to: Cakes can definitely be shipped to Invercargill, Wellington and Auckland addresses at an additional charge of $37.93 for refrigerated delivery using Courier Post ($39.08 if signature required).   An additional $6.90 is required for Saturday deliveries.  Unfortunately, because the cakes are a perishable item, Courier Post will not refund your shipping if they fail to deliver the parcel in time – regardless of delivery date.  We recommend that you avoid requesting Saturday deliveries. If you live in another location, please enquire about whether delivery is possible.

15 cm cake (or 6 cupcakes):

$30.00 (regular recipe) $30.00 (apple & banana) $32.00 (salmon recipe)

18 cm cake:

$38.00 (regular recipe) $38.00 (apple and banana) $40.00 (salmon recipe)

Special events and requests – yes we can! Dog-friendly weddings, Christmas cakes and special requests considered.

10th birthday cake