Herbal tea for dogs


These herbal teas have been created specifically for dogs.  Brew and pour over food for extra flavour and hydration, freeze into ice blocks in the hotter weather, or add a bit to the water bowl to encourage your dog to drink more.

Le Grand Wag is a wellbeing blend for dogs containing rooibos, dandelion, nettle, Siberian ginseng, and rose hips with flavours of bacon, salmon and apple.

Marco Pollo is for active, performance and working dogs containing alfalfa leaf, hawthorn berry, burdock root, Siberian ginseng and lemongrass with flavours of roasted chicken, sweet potato and coconut

Ruff Day? is a nerve calming and stomach soothing blend for stress, anxiety or motion sickness containing chamomile, hawthorn berry, echinacea, ginger and valerian root with flavours of blueberry, beef and maple.

***A new product to New Zealand and introductory price of $0.80 per tea bag***

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