Learn to Massage Your Dog – Christchurch Workshop


In this popular hands-on workshop you and your dog will learn together.  This workshop will operate within the rules of the Traffic Light System and has been run successfully in the red light setting with social distancing; face masks are required.

You’ll learn how to give a full body acupressure massage that will support overall wellness, relaxation and the release of endorphins for mood and pain relief.  We’ll also discuss when it’s okay to massage your dog and when it isn’t. You’ll learn how to observe your dog’s movements and be ready to start keeping records from your massage sessions, too. Diet, supplements and senior dog care are also discussed. Each dog participating receives a free bag of our fresh dog treats and owners a resource pack with useful goodies (plus refreshments).

This course is not a certification course; it is for owners to attend with their own dog to use massage at home.  Completion of this workshop does not qualify participants to practice on a commercial basis.  In addition to your payment, we will email a list of pre-course questions for you to answer and return.

Payment is required at the time of order – we offer PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer payment methods.  Refunds will be made in full if the workshop is cancelled for any reason

Date:  Saturday 28 May 2022, 9-1 pm

Venue:  Landsdowne Community Centre, Cashmere

$139 per person (with your own dog).  If multiple family members want to attend with the family dog, each person must pay a registration fee.

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