There are 3 LED lights in the PupLight which are designed to shine brighter to make your dog more visible at night and to light the path ahead on walks.  A fur guard keeps fur away from the light, too.

I found the PupLight when I was looking for something that would help my older dog see at night; she was having particular trouble seeing the steps out to the yard.  The PupLight comes with an optional elasticised  reflective collar which I think is ideal.  It means that you do not have to fuss adding the PupLight to the existing collar each time you go out.  Instead, we kept our PupLight permanently attached to its own collar by the door and snapped it on each time the dog needed to go out at night.  I even blogged about the PupLight.

The PupLight was named the ”best lighted dog product” by the Whole Dog Journal and I am proud to make this useful product available to customers in NZ.

3 AAA batteries not included

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