Greyhound massage and stretching for greyhound parents

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About Course

This course has been developed specifically for greyhound parents.  There are videos which will demonstrate a head-to-tail massage sequence and a series of stretches.  We will also give you tips on photographing your dog so you can keep records on their muscle condition, lumps, bumps and scars.  By keeping track of this information, you can then bring these changes to your vet’s attention.


What Will You Learn?

  • Learn massage and stretching for your greyhound
  • Support your hound's health and wellness
  • Prevent injuries

Course Content

Opening remarks

  • Opening remarks

Explanation of acupressure and learning outcomes
This module explains acupressure and outlines the learning outcomes from the course

Massage and stretching benefits and when you should NOT massage
Regular massage and stretching provide a number of benefits for your greyhound, let's review these and then understand the circumstances when it is best to avoid massage.

Preparing yourself for a massage session
It's important for you to focus exclusively on your dog's massage session; this can be difficult in today's busy world. In this lesson, let's run through a simple relaxation exercise to help you prepare for your greyhound's massage. Then we'll cover tips on setting up for your massage and practising your massage pressure.

The massage sequence
The head-to-toe massage sequence for greyhounds

Stretches for greyhounds
In this module, we demonstrate and explain the stretches for your greyhound

Keeping records
In this module, we photograph our greyhounds and use the results to create a lump and bump record.

Table or floor for your massage?
Kathleen explains working on a table vs the floor and how massaging at home differs from professional practice

Closing comments, thanks and credits

Bloopers (Just for fun)
You can't film a class and not have bloopers. I hope you enjoy these.