A range of services for care or rehab

I work with dogs of all ages, sizes and conditions.  These include dogs who are:

  • recovering from surgery or injuries
  • feeling the effects of arthritis and old age
  • anxious and stressed
  • learning to live life as an amputee
  • in need of extra care and attention
  • perfectly healthy and wanting to stay that way

I use exercise and fitness programmes for most dogs in my practice.  Fitness is more than walking your dog and can assist greatly in injury prevention.

Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy

The foundation of my practice is in massage and the hands-on assessment of muscles, ligaments and tendons.  After observing your dog’s gait (walk and trot) and taking a health history,  I use acupressure, trigger point. low-level laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to release range of motion and muscle tension and to release endorphins for pain relief.   Once soft tissues are warmed and loosened, I will show you stretches and exercises to assist with rehabilitation and strengthening.


Natural care begins at home.

For this reason, we offer workshops for dog owners to learn the basic skills they need to enhance their dog’s quality of life.  Learning together in a hands-on massage workshop is a great way of enhancing the bond with your dog, too. Choose from:

  • Learn to Massage Your Dog
  • Greyhound Massage and Stretching Workshop
  • Cooking for Dogs
  • Dog and Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

Your Dog's Birthday

Your dog is family and so let’s celebrate their birthday.  Sign up to our Birthday Club and we’ll get in touch to help you plan your celebrations.  We offer freshly made dog birthday cakes, party packs of treats and toys for the big day.  Why not book a party for your dog and their friends?  We’ll deliver the cake and treat each dog to a relaxation massage.

Mobility Carts and Equipment

For dogs recovering from injuries or surgery, they may need equipment to help with their rehab.  Our clients can hire equipment for use in their home, saving them the costs of buying the equipment.  Items in our hire collection include help ’em up harnesses, mobility carts, interactive toys and other items.

We only hire equipment to local (Christchurch/Canterbury) customers of the practice.

Mobility carts are a special item that must be properly sized and fitted to your dog – if your mobility cart is not made to measure, you run the risk of additional injury to your dog. Kathleen will advise you on the appropriate design of a cart and help you measure your dog for ordering.  When the cart arrives, she’ll help you fit the cart and give guidance on its use.  We don’t believe in selling equipment at a mark-up, and so we ask that clients order their cart directly from the manufacturer.

Greyhound Massage and Stretching Online

There are many greyhounds around the world and most of them can't come to Christchurch to attend our greyhound massage and stretching half-day workshop. So, we filmed a class and designed an online course for you. There are downloads, videos to watch for practice and even a relaxation exercise for owners. We've fast-tracked this course for those around the world in quarantine for Covid-19. Treat your greyhound and yourself by learning new skills. There is also an optional add-on for review of your technique by submitting videos, or through a Skype or Zoom consultation.