We hire equipment to our clients

Dogs who are on crate rest or beginning a rehab programme may require equipment such as activity toys, balance discs, or exercise peanuts.  We have a pool of hire equipment specifically to meet these short-term needs.  (Please note that you must be a client of the Christchurch/Canterbury practice to hire equipment from us)

Mobility cart measurement and fitting

When a dog is bright and alert but a part of their body has failed, a mobility cart can be the key to ongoing quality of life.

If a cart isn’t measured or fitted properly, there’s a serious risk of pressure sores, wounds and the risk of causing even more pain because the body isn’t supported. A hire cart is a temporary measure only until your dog’s purpose-built cart arrives.

I work with my clients to measure and order their dog’s cart and, once it arrives, I’ll help you fit the cart and give guidance on its use.  (If you are located outside of my local service area, I can consult on mobility cart measurement and fitting using Zoom or Skype.)

Equipment hire

Items including exercise peanuts, balance discs, easy-up harnesses, activity toys and wheelchairs are available in my hire collection. Items are subject to availability and sizing; all are secondhand.   You must be a client for massage and rehab services to access the hire collection.

We're here to help

Simply contact us with any questions or to make a booking. Our FAQ section may also help

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Greyhound Massage and Stretching Online

There are many greyhounds around the world and most of them can't come to Christchurch to attend our greyhound massage and stretching half-day workshop. So, we filmed a class and designed an online course for you. There are downloads, videos to watch for practice and even a relaxation exercise for owners. We've fast-tracked this course for those around the world in quarantine for Covid-19. Treat your greyhound and yourself by learning new skills. There is also an optional add-on for review of your technique by submitting videos, or through a Skype or Zoom consultation.