Your dog is family - let's celebrate

We’re known for our dog cakes (scroll down for details of flavours and sizes) which we’ve been making since 2007 and we have expanded our range to include toys, gift-wrapped treats and parties.

Interested in ordering a dog cake?  These are special items that must be booked in advance (we ask for a minimum of 3 working days’ notice).  Contact us at

Register your dog for our free Birthday Club below and we’ll get in touch with you in advance each year.


Join our birthday club

You’re a busy dog parent. Register your dog for our Birthday Club and we’ll contact you the month prior to your dog’s Big Day to help you plan.  Membership in the Club is FREE.

Dogs in our local service area qualify for a massage and cupcake package currently priced at $99 and, for each additional year that you book your dog’s birthday massage, we’ll add an extra cupcake at no additional charge. For Birthday Dogs who live outside of our Christchurch service area, they will receive 15% off orders from the website with a unique code issued just for them.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY


Dog Cakes

Our baked cakes come in two sizes – 15 cm or 18 cm – or cupcakes. Minimum order of 6 cupcakes per order; all are decorated with doggy choc drops and our chicken & parsley dog treats.  Cakes are made to order – so please give us 3 working day’s notice because this is not a full-time bakery.

Choose from:

  • Liver (lambs fry, high grade flour, milk, egg and parsley; lowfat cream cheese frosting)
  • Salmon (salmon and lowfat cottage cheese in a rice flour base; lowfat cream cheese frosting)
  • Apple & banana (fresh apples and bananas with high grade flour, eggs, applesauce and a hint of cinnamon; lowfat cream cheese frosting)
  • Honey (rice flour, eggs, applesauce and honey; peanut butter lowfat cream cheese frosting)

We also have a peanut butter and banana frozen yoghurt teddy bear cake (20 cm) which is perfect for summer birthdays

Make your choice

Flavour 15 cm or 6 cupcakes 18 cm Teddy Bear cake – 20 cm (frozen only)
Liver $34 $42
Apple & Banana $33 $41
Salmon $36 $49
Honey $32 $40
Frozen Peanut Butter & Banana $29

Pick up at no charge from our home in Papanui (we will confirm available pick up times with you); we have limited capacity for chilled deliveries within Christchurch.

We cannot ship cakes outside of Christchurch because cakes require refrigeration

Dog Parties

Why not celebrate with a party – or should we say pawty?

The birthday boy or girl and their guests can be treated to a relaxation massage. We’ll deliver the cake at the same time.

Or maybe you’d like to include:

  • party bags of treats for the guests to take home
  • a toy for the birthday girl or boy
  • or a bake-your-own party where we supply the dough and you and your guests bake the treats

Greyhound Massage and Stretching Online

There are many greyhounds around the world and most of them can't come to Christchurch to attend our greyhound massage and stretching half-day workshop. So, we filmed a class and designed an online course for you. There are downloads, videos to watch for practice and even a relaxation exercise for owners. We've fast-tracked this course for those around the world in quarantine for Covid-19. Treat your greyhound and yourself by learning new skills. There is also an optional add-on for review of your technique by submitting videos, or through a Skype or Zoom consultation.