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This is a fully mobile service available throughout Greater Christchurch.  We get better results from seeing a dog in its own home.  Our pricing is based on a core service area around the metropolitan area bounded by Belfast to the north, Hoon Hay to the south, Hornby to the west and Parklands/Bromley to the east.  But we travel as far as Rangiora, Lyttelton and Governor’s Bay, Leeston, Lincoln, Loburn and Darfield, too.  If you are not in our metro service area, we will quote for the price of your consultation.  For consultations in Christchurch’s Central City, additional time is usually required to account for the lack of on-site parking.   We will quote based on additional time and parking charges for these locations.

Mobile service area in Canterbury
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An initial consultation for (up to 90 mins) includes:

  • Review of your dog’s lifetime veterinary records
  • Physical assessment including gait analysis and nose-to-tail hands-on exam of muscles and limbs
  • Massage session using acupressure, trigger points, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and laser, as appropriate
  • “Game Plan” including home care suggestions
  • A handmade, fresh treat for your dog from our own range of treats
  • First stamp on your loyalty card (a free bag of treats after every 5th appointment)

A follow up consultation (up to 60 mins) includes:

  • Discussion of your dog’s condition since last treatment
  • Massage session using acupressure, trigger point, PEMF, and laser as appropriate
  • Adjustments to your home exercise programme, as required
  • A handmade, fresh treat for your dog
  • Another stamp on your loyalty card (free bag of treats after every 5th appointment)

If you are located within the metropolitan service area, an initial consult is $139 and follow-ups are $94.

If you are outside of this area, we will provide you a quote.  We base our quotes on travel time and distance.  Payment is by EFTPOS at the time of your consultation.  Once clients become regular, many opt to pay by phone/internet banking.

Fear Free techniques allow practitioners to adapt their approach to the animal’s emotional state in order to accomplish required procedures including massage, rehab, veterinary exams and grooming.  Fear Free certification requires study and the passing of an examination, and with re-certification requirements that include additional professional development.

Fear Free practice is about treating your dog with respect and working with them at a pace that suits them.  I chose Fear Free certification after hearing a client tell me that they went to an animal physiotherapist who muzzled their dog.  That dog was in pain and the session would have accomplished nothing because the dog’s pain and fear levels would have outweighed any benefits of the rehab programme.  More importantly, the experience conditioned the dog to be fearful of all other practitioners that were brought in to help him.

Cancellations within 48 hours incur a charge of $50;  if you cancel within 24 hours, the full cost of your dog’s session is charged.  We implement this charging policy at our discretion – so in genuine cases of illness of emergencies we will give you the benefit of the doubt.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have encouraged clients who are unwell to re-book without fear of a cancellation fee.

This depends on the policy and insurer you have.  Some insurers limit or restrict coverage for complementary therapies and many require your vet to have clearly recommended physical therapy in their notes for the services to be covered.  Although we are familiar with the different insurance companies, we always recommend that you check with your insurer about coverage as requirements do change from time-to-time.  We do not charge our clients for completing the relevant sections of their claim forms, or for sending copies of our notes.  Please understand, however, that payment is expected at the time of your consultation and it is your responsibility to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

Yes.  We can use either Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy or NutriScan testing or a combination of both to help sort out your dog’s diet.  These techniques work for raw, kibble and homemade diets.

NutriScan is a saliva test developed by Dr Jean Dodds in the USA.  It will identify food ingredients that your dog is sensitive to.  Saliva test kits must be shipped to the USA for analysis and we discuss the findings with you to help match your dog with foods which are appropriate for them.

A food therapy assessment looks at your dog’s health status and conditions that are associated with too much or too little heat.  We achieve balance by matching food ingredients to those conditions.  Food therapy can be done in person or via Skype/phone.  A consultation includes:

  • Review of your dog’s lifetime vet records
  • Interview (up to 45 mins)
  • Written report (via email)
  • Follow-up Q&A session (15 mins)

It’s heartbreaking when you’ve received a diagnosis that your dog will not be with you for much longer.  Care at this time is palliative to focus on providing relief from symptoms, pain and physical and emotional stress.  In conjunction with medication prescribed by your vet, acupressure massage is a gentle modality that helps with pain relief and gentle stretches will help keep muscles healthy.  In-home care means a sick dog is not having to travel in the car when they may be too uncomfortable to do so.  I support my clients with a quality of life scoring tool that will help you track your dog’s condition and to make decisions about euthanasia.  It is always my honour to support guardians at this crucial time in their dog’s life.

‘PEMF’ stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. A PEMF mat generates a magnetic field in motion that impacts on the ions of the body’s cells to stimulate them into action.  The result is an increase in cellular communication and circulation and a decrease in inflammation and pain.  Any condition involving swelling and pain can benefit from PEMF therapy.  These include:

  • soft tissue injuries
  • wounds
  • tendon and ligament tears
  • fractures
  • hip dysplasia
  • arthritis
  • neurologic injuries

Laser uses light at specific wavelengths.  When cells absorb light energy, a series of events in the cell begin to increase intracellular metabolism and stimulate healing.  Compromised cells respond better than healthy cells to photochemical reactions.  Laser light has a beneficial effect on nerve cells which helps to block pain signals to the brain, making laser therapy ideal for helping acute and chronic pain.

My laser system is a Class IIIB laser imported specifically for my practice.

That depends.  NZ Post’s courier service has a chiller at its Christchurch depot and cakes are sent overnight from there (the cake is frozen and a container of frosting and treats is packed in your box with the cake acting as a chill pack).  NZ Post delivery vans are not refrigerated and so shipments are best made in the winter months only.  We will never ship cakes during the warmer months of November through March.  It costs approximately $45 for signature delivery – weekday deliveries only (we will measure your parcel and confirm shipping costs).  If a cake is not an option for you, we sell party packs of dog treats, dog toys and other items that may be suitable for celebrating your dog’s birthday.  Remember to sign up to our Birthday Club, too.

Regrettably, no.  The Covid-19 pandemic first interrupted our class schedule and then we had to re-assess our core businesses as a result.  It is still my wish to have doga classes regularly offered in Christchurch and so if you are a yoga instructor who is comfortable with dogs, please get in touch.

Area of service

Our fully mobile service is available throughout Greater Christchurch.  Our pricing is based on a core service area around the metropolitan area bounded by Belfast to the north, Hoon Hay to the south, Hornby to the west and Parklands/Bromley to the east.  But we travel as far as Rangiora, Lyttelton and Governor’s Bay, Leeston, Lincoln, Loburn, and Darfield, too.  If you are not in our metro service area, we will quote for the price of your consultation.

Mobile service area in Canterbury
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Greyhound Massage and Stretching Online

There are many greyhounds around the world and most of them can't come to Christchurch to attend our greyhound massage and stretching half-day workshop. So, we filmed a class and designed an online course for you. There are downloads, videos to watch for practice and even a relaxation exercise for owners. We've fast-tracked this course for those around the world in quarantine for Covid-19. Treat your greyhound and yourself by learning new skills. There is also an optional add-on for review of your technique by submitting videos, or through a Skype or Zoom consultation.