Natural care begins at home

For this reason, I have designed workshops for dog owners to learn basic skills that can help them enhance the bond they have with their dog and easily use natural care concepts at home without special equipment.

The following workshops are scheduled periodically for public registrations or, with a minimum number, can be run especially for your group or club.

Learn to Massage Your Dog

In this half-day workshop, you’ll learn how to give a full body acupressure massage and understand when it’s okay to massage your dog and when it isn’t. You’ll learn how to observe your dog’s movements and be ready to start keeping records from your massage sessions. Diet, supplements and senior dog care are also discussed. Each dog participating receives a free bag of fresh dog treats and owners a resource pack with useful goodies. Venue is the Macfarlane Park Centre, 19A Acheson Avenue, Shirley.

Greyhound Massage and Stretching Workshop

A massage workshop for greyhounds and their owners to learn fundamental acupressure massage and stretching techniques. The stretching component of this workshop is especially for greyhounds; the remainder of the workshop content is as above for the all-breeds workshop. Each dog receives a free bag of fresh dog treats and owners a resource pack. Venue is the Macfarlane Park Centre, 19A Acheson Avenue, Shirley. 9 am to 1 pm $139 per person with hound with $40 discount if you have adopted from Greyhounds as Pets

Cooking for Dogs – Enjoying the Benefits of a Semi-Homemade Diet

Many owners are seeking ways to add fresh ingredients to their dog’s diet. In this very special cooking class, you will make several recipes for your dog that you can use as a ‘topper’ for their regular dog food and we’ll make dog treats, too. We’ll discuss diets in general, my support for the semi-homemade diet, and the challenges of feeding a truly balanced diet when relying on home cooking alone. $99 for the class plus ingredients of approximately $30 (a list of ingredients will be issued to you before the class). Venue is Papanui High School.

Dog and Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

In this workshop, you will make a laundry liquid, a surface cleaner, a dry dog shampoo, and an antibacterial spray. All materials are supplied (including re-usable bottles) but we recommend you bring a carry bag to take your products home. We’ll also discuss essential oils and their safe use around pets (not just dogs) and where you can buy the ingredients to make your own cleaning products again and again. Recipes included.

You’ll never need to buy commercial cleaning products again – and you’ll save money too.

$79.00 per person. Venue is Papanui High School on a Saturday 9:30 am to midday

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Join us for Greyhound Doga

We have partnered with the MoveWell massage and yoga studio to bring doga (yoga with dogs) to Christchurch. Our first class is for owners with greyhounds only but we intend on expanding to mixed breed classes early in 2020. Doga is an opportunity for you and your dog to enjoy quality time together; we will have the dogs off-lead in the yoga studio to interact with you and others in a stress-free and fun environment. Both you and your dog will benefit from the relaxation, stretching and bonding time in a fully air conditioned studio.