Christchurch's only Fear Free
certified canine massage therapist

Whether recovering from injuries or surgery, managing old age, anxiety or other emotional conditions, or simply teaching a puppy the life skill of being touched, Fear Free is about managing fear, anxiety and stress throughout every session.  I use non-verbal communication and proven stress-free techniques to keep your dog comfortable and happy.   My Fear Free certification is in addition to my qualifications in dog massage and rehab – offering you and your dog a complete package of complementary care.

Greyhound Massage and Stretching Online Course

There are many greyhounds around the world and most of them can't come to Christchurch to attend our greyhound massage and stretching half-day workshop. So, we filmed a class and designed an online course for you. There are downloads, videos to watch for practice and even a relaxation exercise for owners. We've fast-tracked this course for those around the world in quarantine for Covid-19. Treat your greyhound and yourself by learning new skills. There's an optional add-on for review of your massage technique using videos, Skype or Zoom.

A mobile practice for dogs

Your dog is most comfortable at home – so the purpose of a mobile practice is to make life easy for both you and your dog.  I can see your dog’s normal living environment and suggest adjustments for their comfort and rehab.  I aim to make exercises easy to do with minimal equipment so you are more likely to do the exercises with your dog – win!

A passionate supporter of natural care options

My love of dogs and my experience as an environmental scientist have led me to creating this practice which focuses on natural care using acupressure massage, laser, trigger point and rehab therapies.  All clients must provide vet records for their dog as a starting point and then we can look at care options – things like lifestyle and exercise, flower essences, homeopathics, supplements or dietary changes.  The basic rule of complementary care is “do no harm” and my services are not a substitute for traditional veterinary care.

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Party animal birthday bandana

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The 4 Paws Marathon – Covid-19 edition

20th September 2020

Today was the 2nd annual 4 Paws Marathon - a scaled down event thanks to Covid-19. We're grateful we could have an event at all thanks to the chaos created by the virus. As a sponsor of this event, I work alongside my co-sponsor Bodyworks Massage Therapy to provide the massage services at the finish line. Enjoy this post showing our interpretation of couples massage.

Labradoodles are more Poodle than Labrador

14th September 2020

An international research team has documented the molecular basis of the Australian labradoodle. Their main conclusion is that animals in the Australian labradoodle breed registry are mostly poodle, and not a 50-50 split as might have been expected.

Political Poop (Bags)

10th September 2020

A Los Angeles company has released limited edition poop bags to help voters show their true colours in the US Presidential election. It is reported that the Donald Trump bags are outselling those of Joe Biden.