Collars risk causing neck injuries in dogs

In this post, I share research from the University of Trent Nottingham about the forces on your dog's neck when you walk them with the lead attached to a collar. A harness is a much safer option and better still when you train your dog to walk on lead.

Beyond Izzy’s pram (managing dogs through to old age) Part 9 – Medications

In Part 9 of my ageing dogs series, I discuss the use of medications. Medications for pain management are essential for many dogs with arthritis. But pain medications are only one type of medication that our older dogs may require.

In a Covid-19 world, an in-home service provides peace of mind

Your home is your castle; and it's also where you have the greatest control over hygiene and cleanliness. In this post, I explain why in-home pet care services are the way to go in the age of Covid-19.

Dogs can detect traces of gasoline down to one billionth of a teaspoon

The University of Alberta has been working with detection dogs used to investigate the cause of fires. Our dogs have an incredible sense of smell! Read more in this post on Doggy Mom.

Things happen for a reason

In this blog, I discuss the number of workers worldwide who are working from home for a sustained period of time. Is this the solution to the lack of dog-friendly workplaces?

Doggy quote of the month for May

"People love dogs. You can never go wrong adding a dog to the story."

Beyond Izzy’s pram (managing dogs through to old age) Part 8 – adding complementary therapies

In Part 8 of my ageing dogs series, I discuss complementary therapies, questions to ask, and things to look for. You are your dog's guardian and you must make informed decisions about what therapies you use in conjunction with traditional veterinary care.

A new collar

Izzy's new collar arrived today from Collaration Martingales in Roxburgh. We immediately fitted it so she could show it off while riding in her pram.

The origin of feces (aka shit happens)

Researchers studying ancient feces samples report that “One unexpected finding of our study is the realization that the archaeological record is full of dog poop”

Beyond Izzy’s pram (managing dogs through to old age) Part 7 – making adjustments to your home

In part 7 of my series on caring for dogs through to old age, I discuss the need to make adjustments in your home. Keeping your dog safe from slips, trips, and falls is so important to avoid strains and other injuries.

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