The recent case in crisis of stolen puppy, Billy, serves as a reminder to us all. Dogs are not safe tied up outside shops. I also think life could be a lot nicer for our dogs and us if we had more dog-friendly shops...

The pledge

In this post, I explain my thoughts on the pledge that all dog owners should make for 2021.

Ban the ball launchers!

Plastic ball launchers are probably the cheapest toy on the market - and likely one of the most hazardous, too. In this blog post, I explain the forces that are exerted on your dog's muscles and soft tissues and why using a ball launcher to exercise your dog is risky. Let's ban these cheap toys and work together on fitness programmes that are enriching and safe for your dog.

My calendars

Each year, I have new calendars for my office and kitchen. Not surprisingly, these calendars feature dogs. I discuss my choices of calendar in this blog post.

Doggy quote of the month for January

The doggy quote of the month for January 2021 is from Bob Barker, game show host and animal rights advocate.

Reflections on 2020, Covid-19, resilience and our dogs

My final blog post for 2020. Dogs have played a huge role in the global pandemic and they have taught us much.

Study sets baseline for sleep patterns in healthy adult dogs

This is research from North Caroline State University. By understanding normal patterns of sleep, we can better understand the impact on a dog's health from pain and disorders such as canine cognitive dysfunction - which can interrupt sleep. Sleep is very important for health!

Izzy’s thank-you Christmas message

Izzy has just sent a Christmas message to Trevor, giver of many egg cartons...

Training methods based on punishment compromise animal welfare

Dogs trained using aversive stimuli, which involve punishments for incorrect behavior, show evidence of higher stress levels compared to dogs trained with reward-based methods says a new study. Added evidence of why you need to look for Free Free trainers!

A Safer Way to Train Detection Dogs

Training detection dogs with real hazardous substances can be inconvenient and dangerous. Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have discovered ways of infusing a jello-like substance with odours of controlled substances which are much safer for the dogs.

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