Let me tell you about Rosie

Rosie is a deaf greyhound who has been my foster dog over the last month. This blog post contains an update about Rosie and the training we are doing to help her find her forever home. Rosie has been returned three times by adopters - we want to make her 4th placement her last.

Synchrony study unveils staggering findings surrounding lifetime cost of pet ownership

The eye-watering totals are from the United States, but I see the costs of pet care adding up in New Zealand, too. Pets are a privilege and not a right; please be sure you have planned for the costs of your pet over its lifetime.

Paw hygiene

Assistance dogs may be refused entry to hospitals on the basis of hygiene concerns. Research by Utrecht University now shows that the paws of assistance dogs are cleaner than the shoe soles of their users.

The most filmed dog breeds

The German Shepherd appears in more movies than any other breed - and other movie trivia, too.

The hardest goodbye

On 27 December 2021, my greyhound Izzy passed away after entering end-stage kidney failure. This post reviews her incredible life where she achieved much as a pet. Izzy taught countless owners and dogs in my massage workshops and oversaw the key years of the business' growth. I miss her greatly.

Doggy quote of the month for January

Dr Jessica Hudspeth is pictured in this month's quote of the month as she waits respectfully while a family says goodbye to their pet. It takes a special kind of vet to work in hospice and euthanasia services - for which we should all be grateful!

Pets’ impact on human gut microbiome to be explored

Researchers say the study’s results could support the promotion of contact between older adults and household pets

Laying the groundwork for a potential dog allergy vaccine

Researchers in Japan have been studying the allergens behind dog allergies in people. This work may eventually lead to a vaccine, enabling previously allergic people to have dogs as part of their lives.

Walking your dog is better at reducing stress than strolling alone says new study

Researchers in the team took saliva samples from 14 dog owners for a week to see whether it was better to walk alone or with a pet.

Home euthanasia

In my December column in NZ Dog World, I interview the lady vets behind Our Pet's Goodbye, which operates a home euthanasia service in Christchurch. Home euthanasia has been chosen numerous times by my clients when it is time to assist their dog to peacefully pass, but may vet clinics now struggle to offer a home service.

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