Cannabis poisoning cases in pets have increased significantly in locations where cannabis is legalised

“This is an important topic to study in the light of recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and across multiple states. In order to understand the mechanisms underlying cannabis-induced toxicosis in pets, and to develop treatments for it, we need to first understand what it looks like; this is what we had hoped to accomplish with this survey, and believe that these findings will help us get a better handle on this under-studied topic.”

Cortisol in shelter dog hair shows signs of stress

Researchers at Utrecht University analysed fur samples just before admission, after six weeks in the shelter, six weeks after adoption and six months after adoption. Despite efforts to make shelters Fear Free, stress in these environments is hard to avoid - another reason to adopt a shelter dog today!

What does your car say about you?

I've replaced my company vehicle which was 20 years old. In this blog, I reveal the new design and my thoughts into what my car had to say about me and my business...

Pet Cams

In my April column in NZ Dog World, I discuss the use and types of pet cameras (pet cams). I have used a pet cam when fostering greyhounds and I am currently using a pet cam as I get new adoptee, Sox, settled in.

The Conversation

My foster dog, Sox, and I had an important discussion about our future...

DCM Report: Incidence Rate Shows No Correlation to Grain-Free Growth

While grain-free pet food store sales grew 500 percent in the USA between 2011 and 2019, the incidence of dilated cardiomyopathy did not. This retrospective study questions the widely reported conclusion that DCM in many breeds of dogs was linked to the feeding of grain-free foods.

Dogs can get a canine form of dementia — and it is very similar to the human version

Researchers connected to the Dog Aging Project discuss canine cognitive disorder and why it is very similar to Alzheimer's Disease in humans

Canine Influencers

In the March edition of NZ Dog World magazine, I discuss social media and influencers - canine influencers to be exact. Is there such a thing as the Kim Kardashian of Dogs?

Affection from a dog really is medicinal, according to a new study

Dogs may also be a doctor’s best friend. For patients suffering from pain in the emergency room, just 10 minutes with a four-legged friend may help reduce pain, according to a new study.

How the presence of pets builds trust among people

Research shows our pets can also strengthen our relationships and trust with other people. In addition, pets contribute positively to trust in our broader social communities.

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