Cat and dog owners experience slower cognitive decline

Cat and dog owners tend to experience slower cognitive decline than those who don’t have pets, according research released by the University of Maryland

Doggy quote of the month for December

The quote for December is from Dion Leonard, author of Finding Gobi. Finding Gobi is one of my recommended dog-themed books. Check it out!

A Life-Extension Drug for Big Dogs Is Getting Closer to Reality

Researchers in the United States are experimenting with an injection to increase lifespan in large breed dogs. Everyone wants their dog to live a long and healthy life, but I think research of this nature raises ethical concerns about dog breeding, our duty of care, and quality of life.

4 Paws Marathon 2023

In my November column in NZ Dog World, I report from the finish line of the 4 Paws Marathon. 2023 was the 5th year of this event, of which I am a founding sponsor.

What about Librela (known as Berensa in New Zealand)?

Dr Darryl Millis, a well-respected orthopaedic specialist and Professor at the University of Tennessee, has created this useful guidance on the use and effectiveness of Berensa. Yes, it's new, and there has been a rush of enthusiasm to use it. But, should you?

Conservation Dogs

Air New Zealand has announced that it is expanding its sponsorship of the Department of Conservation to include the conservation dogs programme. Conservation dogs and their handlers will enjoy free travel on the national carrier. What would a major announcement be without a good video???

Doggy quote of the month for November

The quote of the month is from Will Rogers

Why dog breed bans are misguided and harmful

An opinion piece from The Boston Globe...UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed a ban on the American XL Bully. There is evidence from a range of countries why breed specific legislation doesn't work. The UK has in place a Dangerous Dogs Act, which was enacted more than three decades ago. It bans four breeds: the pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro. Despite that, the number of dog bite incidents has gone up in the UK.

People in crisis do better with their pets, researchers say

In Australia, social return on investment for programs that support people experiencing a crisis to help keep their companion animal is $8.21 for each $1 invested. That's a great return on investment and also good to see Australian facts and figures - as all too often the research on this topic is from USA. Australia is closer to home!

Flooring choices and your dog

In the October issue of NZ Dog World, I cover how to make flooring choices for your home with your dog in mind.

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