Doggy quote of the month for October

The righteous care for the needs of their animals. Proverbs 12:10

The business of dog massage

This month, my long-awaited videos for accounting software company, Xero, have dropped on Facebook. What started as a simply reply to an email blossomed into an adventure and experience. Read about my journey in this blog post.

Daylight savings time

We are one week away from moving our clocks back an hour to go onto daylight savings time. In this column, I write about the impacts on our dogs of changing clocks and how you can help the transition.

Dogs Tell the Difference between Intentional and Unintentional Action

A study published in Scientific Reports compared dogs’ spontaneous reactions to intentional and unintentional human behavior and found that dogs reacted differently depending on the condition.

The latest review of NZ’s greyhound racing industry

Last week, another review report (it's #3) into the greyhound racing industry in NZ was released. In this post, I highlight some of the key findings and conclusions. If you are interested in animal welfare in this country, please read!

Doggy quote of the month for September

This month's quote comes from author Steven Rowley.

Furry Destroyers?

This column from the website uses statistics gained from social media to rank dog breeds that are the most destructive. Studies like this use skewed statistics - because if the Labrador is the most popular breed of dog, chances are they are more likely to have a greater number of insurance claims.

Dogs may not return their owners’ good deeds

Researchers call it "reciprocal altruism" but from this particular study, it doesn't look like dogs will return favours. I'm sure Lassie would disagree.

Day off

A day off is precious - to get things done and for spending quality time with Izzy

Dog-friendly gardening

It may be the depths of winter now, but it is time to start planning for spring and the gardening season. This month's column in NZ Dog World provides dog-friendly gardening tips.

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