The origin of feces (aka shit happens)

Researchers studying ancient feces samples report that “One unexpected finding of our study is the realization that the archaeological record is full of dog poop”

Beyond Izzy’s pram (managing dogs through to old age) Part 7 – making adjustments to your home

In part 7 of my series on caring for dogs through to old age, I discuss the need to make adjustments in your home. Keeping your dog safe from slips, trips, and falls is so important to avoid strains and other injuries.

Dogs can experience hearing loss

At the University of Illinois, researchers have been testing hearing in dogs with signs of hearing loss to develop better guidance for handlers, particularly police dogs and hunting dogs, who may be exposed to gunfire.

Doggy quote of the month for April

The Online Dog Trivia Quiz

Coming to you this Sunday, 5th April. Join us for a dog-themed pub quiz at your place through Zoom. One lucky participant will win a prize pack of our dog treats valued at $30 (NZ residents only qualify for the prize, but overseas participants are welcome to join).

Lessons from the Canterbury earthquake and how they apply to Covid-19

In this post, I share my advice for living with your dog during the Covid-19 lockdown based on my experience of living through the Canterbury earthquake and its disruption in 2011.

Warmth Works Wonders

Spot the greyhound had his regular massage today. In this post, I explain why I used a wheat bag as part of his session. Warmth is great for achy and arthritic joints, but also helps muscles to relax.

Managing Dogs Through to Old Age – Part 6

In part 6 of my ageing dogs series, I discuss how to modify exercise to avoid injuries and pain

Goodbye, Dumpling

I would have adopted Dumpling if it was possible...but she went to a good home in San Francisco and had 7 years in a loving family home.

Managing Dogs Through to Old Age – Part 5

In Part 5 of my ageing dogs series, I tackle the tricky subject of supplements including the raging interest in CBD

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