Olive, Mabel & Me

Ahead of my soon-to-be published interview with Andrew Cotter (Dad to Olive and Mabel and narrator of their adventures), I review Andrew's book. It really is a must-read for the dog lover.

Wolves, dogs and dingoes

"A dingo is a wolf on its way to becoming a dog, that never got there," says a Penn State researcher who has studied the genetic differences between dogs, wolves and dingoes. Dingoes are not dogs.

A Rover By Another Name

FirstVet has studied animal names using records from the oldest pet cemetery in the United States and looked at pop culture inspirations over the decades....

Dogs put the fun into learning vital social skills

22 children from the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club (in British Colombia) took part in a series of sessions to help them build their social skills using therapy dogs. Each week the children were taught a new skill, such as introducing themselves or giving directions to others. One participant noticed that the children behaved better at the sessions than at their regular after-school care program, and they thought it was because the children liked being around the dogs. Another aspect of working dogs!

Teaching the basics of dog massage

There are many benefits when owners learn to massage their dog. I love teaching Learn to Massage Your Dog!

We are doggy friendly

In the February issue of NZ Dog World, I speak with one of the co-owners of the Urban Eatery, Paul Talbot, about the company's decision to allow dogs inside its cafes (not just on the outdoor patios). My experienced cafe dog, Izzy, and her friends approved!

Labeling of raw ingredients

When feeding liver, it should be frozen first (or cooked, if you decide not to feed raw). I've discovered a bit of a loophole when it comes to buying human-grade liver for your dog....

Doggy quote of the month for February

This month's quote is from St Francis of Assisi. Doing no harm is the first principle of my practice. I take pride in providing a complete, Fear-Free, service to my human and dog customers!

Liv­ing en­vir­on­ment af­fects the mi­cro­bi­ota and health of both dogs and their own­ers

Researchers at the University of Helsinki are investigating the significance of the living environment to canine health. In their latest research, they have found that, iIn urban environments, allergic diseases are more common among dogs and their owners compared to those living in rural areas.

Women and dogs in evolution

Researchers at Washington State University undertook a cross-cultural analysis to determine the factors that played a role in developing the human and dog relationship. "We found that dogs’ relationships with women might have had a greater impact on the dog-human bond than relationships with men..."

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