Giving back, paying forward

In my latest blog, I discuss the various ways our business supports the local community and charitable causes. I am often approached to make donations to fundraisers, but there are other ways businesses can give back and pay it forward, too.

Indie Vets

Indie Vets is a new collective of privately-owned and operated vet clinics in New Zealand. You'd be surprised to know just how few independent clinics which are left in the country. In this NZ Dog World column, I discuss the challenges and benefits of running an independent practice.

Long-term stress in dogs linked to the owner-dog relationship

The relationship a dog has with its owner is related to its stress level, suggests new research.

Have dog, will travel – a book review

I have a growing collection of dog-related books in my home; this is one of the latest. It's a memoir by Stephen Kuusisto who was born legally blind but 'managed' his disability by pretending it didn't exist until he found himself out of a job at age 38 and with limited prospects. A guide dog named Corky changed his life. A very good read...

Petting therapy dogs enhances thinking skills of stressed students

Research from Washington State University has found that programmes that exclusively focused on petting therapy dogs improved stressed-out students’ thinking and planning skills more effectively than programmess that included traditional stress-management information. Dogs have the super power of stress reliever!

Is he or she partnership material? Ask your dog!

A new survey out of America has found that dog parents rely a lot on their dogs to help them choose a next partner (68% said that their pet has the final say). I think this is great! Your dog was here first and they should have input about your partner. Trust their judgment.

Dogs’ ag­gress­ive be­ha­viour to­wards humans is of­ten caused by fear

Research out of the University of Helsinki helps to confirm the link between fear and aggressive behaviour in dogs. The reduction of fear is one of the main reasons why I chose Fear Free certification. Pain and discomfort are stressors and physical therapy should be a pleasant experience to help with healing and to avoid fear.

Pugs supported by coffee sales

In the May edition of NZ Dog World, I interview the Marketing Manager for The Laughing Pug Coffee Company and Brenda Gordon from NZ Pug Rescue, which the company supports.

Pets at work

American retailer Petco has published an infographic series about the value of pets at work. This post includes them all.

Mystery canine illness identified in the UK

When dogs started to develop acute onset vomiting, data provision and tracking helped to identify it as a canine coronavirus.

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