Pets at work

American retailer Petco has published an infographic series about the value of pets at work. This post includes them all.

Mystery canine illness identified in the UK

When dogs started to develop acute onset vomiting, data provision and tracking helped to identify it as a canine coronavirus.

Dogs Don’t Deserve Us

Dogs Don't Deserve Us is an independent film that is available for download through may different platforms. I've watched it and this blog post is my review of the film.

Archaeologists uncover earliest evidence of domesticated dogs in Arabian Peninsula

A team of archaeologists in north-west the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has uncovered the earliest evidence of dog domestication by the region’s ancient inhabitants. Dog bones dated between circa 4200 and 4000 BCE have been discovered.

Luke’s home adjustments

When working with Luke at his home, I found that he was at risk of injury and damage to his joints because he was jumping off and onto the family's deck. This blog shows you how the problem was solved, making an even safer set of stairs for the humans in the household, too.

Insurance and your dog

In the April edition of NZ Dog World, I discuss general insurance (home and contents) and the types of claims that result from damage by your pets.

Dogs Act Jealously Even When They Don’t See Their Rival

Researchers at the University of Auckland have been studying jealousy in dogs. In this research, dogs will exhibit signs of jealousy even when they can't see the object/dog that their human is giving attention to.

Mike’s winning story

Mike won the Olive & Mabel book competition. I've shared his winning entry, and photo of dogs Mate and Star, on my blog

Doggy quote of the month for April

The quote for April is from Rick Springfield, one of my favourite musicians and a long-time sufferer of depression....

Sniffing in the name of science

In almost 90% of cases, the dogs worked much more effectively than other detection methods.

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