Drama Trauma emotional nutrition spray



In my practice, I use the emotional nutrition range from Blackwing Farms which use flower essences combined with selected homeopathics.   I sell them to customers, too, but I have been reluctant to add the range to my shopping cart because matching dogs to the right mixture is essential if we are going to achieve results.

I am making an exception for Drama Trauma – this is the mixture that dogs (cats, rabbits, horses, too!) need for Guy Fawkes and fireworks season.   It’s also good for thunderstorm stress and has been used by animal rescue professionals for over 20 years (it just hasn’t made it to New Zealand on a consistent basis until now).

Here’s what a veterinarian involved in Hurricane Katrina rescue said about this remedy:  “We not only used your sprays in the field rescuing animals, we used them in the truck transporting, and at staff meetings at the end of a long day.”

If you are buying only this remedy, the shipping cost could be less if we send by NZ Post.  We’ll get in touch with you on receipt of your order to confirm your shipping preference (and refund PayPal payments accordingly).

2 fluid ounces (59 ml) per spray bottle

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