Snuffle mat


These snuffle mats are handmade in Christchurch; each is unique and uses recycled fabrics.  Measuring 35 cm x 35 cm, they have a double layer of rubber as a base to make them extra heavy so dogs have more difficulty in moving them around or flipping them over.  (Many competitor mats on the market only use a single layer of rubber.)  The fabric is acrylic fleece and each mat is machine washable.  Snuffle mats are a great slow feeder and an activity toy. Order by number, as shown in the photo.

***Because the snuffle mats are large and heavy, our weight-based shipping calculation may sometimes over-charge you for shipping if you add other smaller items to your order.  Rest assured that we will charge you accurately for your shipping and we will refund any over-payment.***


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