The housewarming

We were invited to Ben the Greyhound's housewarming party. We provided the frozen cakes and treats - and in this blog post I reflect on the importance of including our dogs in the moments of our lives

Evidence for the negative impact of aversive-based training methods

A new piece of research from Portugal has been submitted for peer review. The research team concluded “Our results show that companion dogs trained using aversive-based methods experienced poorer welfare as compared to companion dogs trained using reward-based methods, at both the short- and the long-term level."

Our ability to read dogs’ facial expressions is learned (not innate)

This research shows that when we are exposed to dogs and dog-friendly environments, we get better at reading their facial expressions. The results of research like this could be used to help develop teaching resources that will reduce the incidents of dog attacks.

Report from the 4 Paws Marathon

The Balanced Dog and partner Bodyworks Massage Therapy sponsored the 4 Paws Marathon this year. Here's Kathleen's report about the event and the massage tent at the finish line as published in NZ Dog World.

Ban the Boom

In my Guy Fawkes post, I point out that the Labour/Green coalition have ample reasons to ban the sales of private fireworks. If animal welfare doesn't bother them, then they can at least take heed of their own policies concerning single use disposables that are filling NZ's landfills.

Beware the hazards of rodenticides

In her October 2019 column, Kathleen interviews the Pest Management Association of NZ about the use and hazards of rodenticides

Laser therapy

Control the flies without chemicals

Fly sprays are not good for you or your dogs. In this blog, I show you a temporary fly screen for doors. Because it uses magnets, your dog can easily walk in/out and it will close behind them

Pet Life Magazine

In the Spring 2019 edition of Pet Life Magazine, Kathleen discusses the use of flower essences with BlackWing Farms founder, Meg Harrison.

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