Natural therapies for dogs including massage, acupressure, laser, nutrition and food therapy



Christchurch's only certified dog massage therapist, working in the comfort of your own home


Christchurch's only certified canine massage therapist...with food therapy consults worldwide!

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I've been a 'dog person' all my life and I am a passionate supporter of natural and integrative health.  Are you looking for cooperative and complementary options to keep your dog healthy, happy and pain free?   You've come to the right place.

As seen in Animals in Emergencies:  Learning from the Christchurch earthquakes, 2014

As seen in Animals in Emergencies: Learning from the Christchurch earthquakes, 2014

I love working with dogs of all kinds and many of my clientele are senior dogs needing support to retain quality of life. My philosophy of senior dog care is that we can't 'cure' or 'rehab' a dog who is aging - but we can adopt management techniques for the best life possible - for as long as practical.

Exercise and stretching programmes are often part of my treatment plans - including things like hydrotherapy and home-care options.

Where appropriate, I may suggest homeopathic, bach flower, dietary supplements and other products that may help your dog with pain management or emotional support.  It is important to remember, however, that complementary therapies are not a replacement to traditional veterinary care and my clients must certify that their dog is under the regular care of a veterinarian.  I will often ask to see your dog's veterinary records.screenshot

The dog treats on this site are all my own recipes, created out of care for my own dog and shared with other owners wanting a natural and preservative-free product.

We have special products like doggy birthday cakes that we can make to order and we always offer special packaging for Christmas. A bake -to-order service is available for dogs with special dietary requirements. 

I look forward to helping you give your dog the best quality of life possible - naturally and professionally!

Kathleen Crisley, CTMT, CSMT, SCMT

Christchurch, New Zealand